Lobby Talk

It has been a longstanding tradition with NCC for our performers to mingle with our audiences after each concert.  This season didn’t afford our audiences and performers that opportunity.  So, we created Lobby Talk. It’s our virtual way to  connect you with our performers by asking them some question.  Some serious, some not so serious!  We’ll be sharing them with you throughout the coming months in our monthly newsletter and on our Facebook page.

It’s time for another installment of Lobby Talk! This week, let’s listen in on one of our board members, frequent guest artist, and renowned organists, Jim Kosnik:

Norfolk Chamber Consort: What is your favorite piece to play?

Jim Kosnik: Bach’s “Fantasia & Fugue in G Minor”

NCC: What is the most challenging piece you’ve come across?

JK: Bach’s “Fantasia & Fugue in G Minor”

NCC: LOL! We see what you did there, Jim!

NCC: Name your three favorite musical genre –

JK: Orchestral/Symphonic; organ; piano

NCC: What inspires you, musically?

JK: Originality; vision; passion; virtuosity

NCC: If you could collaborate with any musician, past or present, who would it be?

JK: E. Power Biggs, and Buxtehude

NCC: Thanks for letting us listen in, Jim. We’re headed to the bar for a glass of wine, and we’ll check back with you a little later…

It’s time for another edition of Lobby Talk!

This week, flautist and our Associate Artistic Director, Wayla Chambo, joins us in the lobby. Let’s listen in to see what Wayla has to say –

NCC: What other musical instruments do you play?

Wayla Chambo: Others in the flute family: piccolo, alto flute, bass flute. I studied a bit of piano in school, and have taken a few voice lessons, but flute has always been my primary instrument.

NCC: Why did you choose to play the flute?

WC: My older sister played the flute for a little while and we still had the instrument; when I became interested in music lessons, my parents suggested that I try the flute. We found a wonderful teacher and the rest is history.

NCC: How old were you when you started playing the?

WC: I was nine.

NCC: Who is your favorite composer?

WC: Tough to choose! But it’s hard to beat Bach!

NCC: What is your favorite piece to play?

WC: It depends on the day and the season… I like playing music that challenges me and that I feel an expressive connection with.

Join us next week for more Lobby Talk!

So, here we go!  Let’s see what our Artistic Co-Directors, Andrey Kasparov and Oksana Lutsyshyn, had to say…

NCC – What other musical instruments do you play?

AK – Organ and harpsichord.

OL – Organ, harpsichord.

NCC – Why did you choose to play the piano?

AK – To keep up with Oksana.

OL – My older sister played it.

NCC – How old were you when you started playing the piano?

AK – Seven; I also tried the violin.  Apparently, I hated it so much that my parents pulled the plug on those lessons!

OL – Eight.

NCC – Who is your favorite composer?  


OL – I like Scriabin, Kasparov.

NCC – Least favorite composer?

AK – Too many to name.  

OL – I don’t like Phillip Glass.

So, stayed tuned for more Lobby Talk!

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